My philosophy

I begin my work from a critical, antiracist, feminist perspective. My work centers on exploration, self-reflection, and risk-taking. I’m constantly challenging conventional ways of doing things and investigating the institutions and assumptions that inform academic work and experiences.

I believe in the whole collection; I try to connect library patrons to the books, electronic resources, movies, and music they need to fill their knowledge gaps.

I create opportunities for my co-workers, users, and mentees to shine.  I strive to make my workplaces spaces for personal and professional growth through open, honest communication and valuing diversity of experiences.  I foster a culture of risk-taking, where learning from failure is just as important as success.

I know that librarians are agents for social responsibility and we should be integral in shaping the world to be more sustainable, just, and healthy.

I want to unleash the lover of knowledge in everyone.

If you’re interested in me or the work I do, please contact me at

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