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Because so many students and faculty are enrolled in distance programs, I created a suite of highly interactive instructional tutorials. These tutorials follow an adult-learning pedagogy, and encourage users to learn research concepts through experimental, experiential activities.

Several of these tutorials are used as required course materials for both undergraduate and graduate-level courses. The “Avoiding Plagiarism” tutorial was so successful, it was adopted by the University’s Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards as part of their Academic Integrity modules.

These tutorials are created in Articulate Storyline. I created the content and designed the learning activities for the following:

Social Work Research How-Tos

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.27.34 PMAs a librarian serving a very large distance student population, much of the instruction and reference  I offer is through asynchronous, online formats. To be able to easily address ready reference questions on using library resources, and more complicated research concept questions, I created a number of short screencast videos for the Social Work Library YouTube page.

These are embedded throughout the LibGuide, as answers to the Libraries’ FAQ database, and are required viewing for some social work courses.

These screencast videos were done with Camtasia, PowerPoint, and Jing.


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